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List of contents

The full list of contents of the new edition

Trevor Cooper (ed.), John Blatchly, John Morrill, S. Sadler, Robert Walker, The Journal of William Dowsing: iconoclasm in East Anglia during the English Civil War, forthcoming.

Section 1: William Dowsing

1 William Dowsing and the administration of iconoclasm

2 Dowsing’s homes

Section 2: Dowsing in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk

3 Dowsing in Cambridgeshire

4 The visit to Cambridge University

5 The arguments at Pembroke

6 Dowsing’s deputies in Suffolk

Section 3: Iconoclasm elsewhere in East Anglia

7 Brass, glass and crosses: finding iconoclasm outside the Journal

8 In search of bells: iconoclasm in Norfolk, 1644

9 Iconoclasm in other counties of the Eastern Association

Section 4: The Journal

10 History of the Journal

11 The text of this edition of the Journal

The Journal of William Dowsing

With notes by Robert Walker & Trevor Cooper (Cambridge), Robert Walker (rural Cambridgeshire), & John Blatchly (Suffolk)


1 William Dowsing: his immediate family

2 A possible portrait of William Dowsing

3 Dowsing’s collection of Parliamentary Sermons

4 Jacob Caley: a Dowsing associate in Ipswich

5 The Parliamentary Ordinances

6 The Earl of Manchester: a biographical note

7 Dowsing’s commissions from the Earl of Manchester

8 Parish records

9 Bell damage in Norfolk and Suffolk

10 Discovering visitors in churchwardens’ accounts

11 The chronology of iconoclasm outside the Journal

12 How much glass was destroyed?

13 How many brasses were damaged?

14 How many churches in Suffolk were visited?

15 Long after Dowsing: forgery and pastiche

16 Questions